Robinson Ventures' President Presents at the Council of Community Services of New York State Technology Conference

Mission Driven Technology: Tools for Smart Nonprofits
March 10, 2004

Rochester Institute of Technology Inn and Conference Center
Rochester, NY

(Orchard Park, NY) – March 10, 2003 – Cian Robinson, President, Robinson Ventures presented the following workshops at the Council of Community Services of New York State Technology Conference:

Technology Assessment and Planning
One of the most important pieces of the technology puzzle is building a plan that will be responsive to your nonprofit’s daily and future needs. Does your organization have different computers with different memory capacities, varying operating systems, and different software versions? Do you get so caught up with managing your server, fixing email problems, printer problems and compatibility issues that you have less time left to concentrate on your mission and your clients or consumers? You're not alone. This session will help you take a proactive approach in identifying your individual technology needs and how to form a plan to meet them. (presentation download available)

Choosing Your Information Technology Relationships
When talking to experts, are you sometimes intimidated by all that "techie" jargon? This session will teach you the basic terms and phrases necessary to interact with the experts so that you can understand them and be a more informed consumer. Topics include helping you identify what to look for in an IT vendor, knowing what questions to ask, and how to interpret proposals and determine if they truly meet your needs. If you're new to the world of technology and aren't entirely comfortable with it, or if you find yourself in charge of your nonprofit's technology and you need help, this session is for you! (presentation download available)

About Council of Community Services of New York State (CCSNYS): CCSNYS is a 501(C)(3) membership-based, mission-driven, statewide association of diverse charitable nonprofit organizations. CCSNYS is a members of the National Council of Nonprofit Associations, the National Association of Planning Councils, the Alliance for Nonprofit Management and the Alliance for Nonprofit Governance.

CCSNYS unites nonprofits from all sub-sectors in the State of New York with a common mission. CCSNYS provides a strong, energetic training component, comprised primarily of on-staff nonprofit experts. CCSNYS also strives to be the information and advocacy clearinghouse for the New York nonprofit sector while providing members a strong collective voice. CCSNYS accomplishes its mission through two program divisions, one dedicated to helping nonprofits and the second dedicated to helping communities, two subsidiary corporations: Innovative Charitable Initiatives, Inc., and Council Services Plus.

Additionally, in an effort to increase informed philanthropy in the state, CCSNYS has developed an Internet-based data center,, dedicated to accountability in the nonprofit sector and donor education.

CCSNYS continues to support, energize and provide a strong voice for local nonprofits and communities in the state of New York by adhering to a mission based in sound nonprofit management and vision.