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Case Studies 

The following case studies highlight how Robinson Ventures has helped clients solve their management needs:

Not-For-Profit Management

Strategic Planning, Board Development and Fund Raising 

Working with a rural medical delivery organization, Robinson Ventures delivered board development, strategic planning, fund development and marketing services. Subsequently, the development, planning and implementation lead to a self-sustaining organization. Prior to the engagement, the organization did not know if they were going to be able to meet their revenue goals. In addition, the marketing and public relations work that was done for the client lead to a Presidential candidate visiting their annual medical event. This attention lead to increased funding as well as created a brand development and recognition opportunity.  Finally, Robinson Ventures wrote the client's Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), which they were awarded. The FQHC planning grant, which Robinson Ventures also managed, allowed the client to determine if the FQHC model was in their best interests.

Campaign Management and Grant Writing 

Working with a start-up creative economy organization specializing in training in Appalachian arts and culture, Robinson Ventures provided fund development, capital, and endowment campaign planning services. This allow the organization to formula their funding model, create sustainability and deliver on their business plan. After the planning engagement was complete, Robinson Ventures was retained to provide grant research and construct services.

Feasibility Studies and Market Assessments 

Working with a regional Community Services Board (CSB), Robinson Ventures performed a market assessment on their behalf regarding a partnering agency that was receiving direct and pass through funds from the CSB. The goal of the assessment was to determine if the marketplace had a demand for the partner's services, if the partner's model was acceptible, and how the partner was being viewed within the marketplace. The methodology used included analyses of publicly available data sets (in this case health data), document review (e.g. By-laws, articles of incorporation, budgets, etc.), key stakeholder focus groups and one-on-one interviews. Upon completion of the assessment, a report was issued along with recommendations for remediation.

Sponsorship and Major Gift Development

Working with a Smithsonian affiliated natural history museum, Robinson Ventures, over a 4-year period heledp the organization identify and close new relationships with corporations, foundations and individuals regarding the sponsoring of special event and exhibits as well as major gifts to endow the museum. The return on investment to the museum was 7-fold what was spent with Robinson Ventures.

Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations

Working with a rural free clinic, Robinson Ventures undertook the design of all of their marketing materials. This includes their yearly news letter, tri-fold brochure, and all fund raising materials. Robinson Ventures worked closely with the Executive Director and Board to also develop the content necessary to populate the website, marketing and fund raising materials.


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