Culture and Innovation: Why Do They Overlap? 

A culture that does not allow for innovation will slowly erode an organization from the inside out! Innovation is not strictly related to products for the market, it can apply to how an organization is run, or to how one leads their employees.

Everyone thinks that innovation is grandiose ideas and “ah-ha” moments. In reality, most innovation is practice, discipline, and resources. It's true that creativity drives innovation, but the discipline to drive it into action is what creates actual progress. "Innovation without implementation is hallucination", as our founder is wont to say.

So, what defines actual innovation, and how does one start the process? While this may seem simple on the surface, a substantial portion of this is dictated by one's culture within the organization.

While quantifying "is our organization capable of meaningful innovation?" poses a looming level of self-reflection, there are a few key parts to making sure you are prepared to start innovating. 

  • Ideas and Goals
    • Does your organization celebrate quality ideas and set goals that reflect them?
  • Resource Allocation 
    • Are projects receiving the correct resources and level of care? 
  • Leadership Projects
    • Does the leadership prioritize quality ideas? 
  • Leadership Structure
    • How do ideas flow from top to bottom and vice versa?

While each organization takes a different approach to innovating, covering these basics is an excellent way to start a conversation about innovation within your organization. 

If you worry that the culture you have cultivated isn't right for innovation, Robinson Ventures can help!