The Cycle of Innovation.

Innovation creates both its own solutions and problems. A well-run company willing to take risks and analyze itself can not only get ahead of the market curve but define it. So, what does the cycle look like, and how does it operate?

Starting with the idea that gets transitioned into either the marketplace or organization where it will be implemented, a base line of metrics must be created to measure its success and impact. Once this has been created, studying the behavior of the product is paramount. This leads to any "patch" fixes that need to be applied to ensure that the product has a chance to succeed. With these handled, we can take a more in-depth look at the product, and from there we repeat the cycle. Analyzing what is and is not solved by the product allows a company to see where the market will head and adjust accordingly. 

If this type of innovation approach seems to not fit the culture of your organization, then perhaps stage gate innovation is a better option for your organization.